The Microsoft Sharepoint tool has been around since 2001, and it has significantly evolved now. The newer versions have numerous features that make it the number one choice of businesses. It allows various project teams to organize, store, and access securely. The Sharepoint intranet also allows businesses to collaborate and share relevant information with other businesses and vendors, thus streamlining operations.

Here are seven features of Sharepoint that can help strengthen your organization and increase the productivity of employees-

1. Easy collaboration

Real-time collaboration of multiple people from various locations is possible if you use Microsoft Sharepoint. Users just need to have an internet-enabled computer or mobile device. For organizations that work on different projects, Sharepoint enables the creation of separate project sites. Employees can be added project-wise and can be given team-only access accordingly. This restricts employees from accessing information not related to their project or department.

2. Simplified data sharing

If you are using Microsoft Sharepoint, you as an administrator get full control of who can view which files and folders. If you have a business partner, investor or supplier with whom you want to share data, reports or any other files, the process is straightforward. You have the option of creating guest links, or you can connect a Microsoft account to their business email as well. Various permission settings allow you to give them only view-access or restrict them from seeing confidential information like employee personal details, information about other products or any accounts related data.


3. Task setting

Microsoft Sharepoint can be the best tool if there is a goal-oriented assignment such as manufacturing a product, process development or creation of an app. In such cases, you can add multiple teams to a project and assign them tasks. Every team member can see the tasks assigned to them. Thus, if there is a dependency between tasks, Task B cannot be started until Task A has been completed. The entire project plan is available to the team. This helps in effective project management.

4. MS Office integration

Most businesses use MS Office. The advantage of using Microsoft Sharepoint is that it is compatible with the MS Office software. This allows for better document management. The learning curve is minimal, and it does not take a long time for users to get acclimated to Sharepoint. The integration of Sharepoint with Microsoft Office is seamless. In case you have any queries, various companies provide services related to Sharepoint consulting in Melbourne.

5. Increased productivity

Imagine searching through your archives to locate one form or notification document! If your work involves a lot of documentation in different formats, imagine the amount of time you or your team-member will have to spend in searching! It can be time-consuming for everyone.

Microsoft Sharepoint allows you to manage and organize files, folders and sub-folders. It takes just a few clicks, and your system will do all the searching while you can focus on other productive tasks and your core responsibilities.

6. Cloud-based

The most significant advantage of using Microsoft Sharepoint is that it is cloud-based. Hence users are not tied down to a single device or a single network. They can access files, folders, contacts or emails from any device using just their login password. Documents can be uploaded to the cloud through the intranet portal, accessed by users who have the required permissions, edited and saved again by other users. The revision history of every file is maintained separately with an account of who made what changes. The file can even be restored to its original state by just a few clicks. Migration to Sharepoint Online is effortless, and many professional agencies have experts who can provide Sharepoint migration services.

7. IT Security

Microsoft Sharepoint has enhanced controls over data security, authentication and authorization. Document integrity is maintained, and you do not have to worry about leakage of sensitive or encrypted data. Additionally, Sharepoint has excellent security measures in place to ensure that people view only the information they are supposed to see. It also offers the option of automatic data backup, and you can rest assured that your data is safe and will not be damaged by any untoward incidents.

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