IT Audit

IT Audit Services

Why Undertake an Audit?

  • Audit is a long-standing management tool for corporate governance that is increasingly recognised to be of equal value for technology management.

  • The results of IT Audit need not be restricted to IT governance activity; it is considered vital in corporate risk mitigation for organisations to undertake regular external IT Audit projects to ensure that executive supervision of technology activities are taken seriously.

  • It is generally considered best practice to undertake periodic external reviews of IT to consider efficiency, costs, service levels, risk profile and business alignment. These may take the form of a broad IT Review or specific compliance audit activities.

Why Business ICT Partners?

All of our audits are focused on providing the required oversight to the organisations executive, but also provide truly actionable advice on how to improve service levels to the business.

Our Audits Include
  • IT Operations Audit
  • IT Infrastructure Audit
  • IT Governance and Compliance Audit
  • IT Risk Audit
  • Business/IT alignment Audit
The focus of each audit can include
  • Process maturity
  • Documentation
  • Software licensing and hardware lifecycle management
  • Helpdesk service levels
  • Project benefit realization
  • Technology and operational efficiency
  • Infrastructure performance & vulnerabilities
  • Proactive and Preventative maintenance
  • Recoverability and Data integrity
  • Failure point identification
  • Governance effectiveness
  • Policy compliance
  • Security risks
  • Financial & budget management issues
  • Operational risk & sustainability