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End-users today need a simple and seamless tech experience at their workplace. The organizations need to respond to this demand by providing their employees with a seamless, secure, consistent, and reliable experience.

The businesses today are facing some common issues, including:

  • Businesses want to give their employees the user access to the business apps and CRM using different devices at home or at the office and even on the user’s own devices.

  • The businesses are also worried about the work data that is carried on the employee’s own devices. They also have to ensure all the managing device compliance, security, and policies.

  • Businesses also need to manage all day-to-day IT tasks, including software migration, license compliance, and device upgrades, and much more, along with their daily business management.

  • The cost and time involved in the management are high, making it a big challenge for the organizations.

Business ICT Partners offers the best desktop as a service (DaaS) that will help you solve all the above challenges so that you can focus on what’s more important. Desktop-as-a-Service integrates all the critical IT functions, including the Support Services, Centralized IT services, Managed Security Services, and Service desk in a single package. These services are charged per user, per month.

DaasS is built around Microsoft 365 and delivers all you need for your modern workforce.

Why Business ICT Partners?

24/7 Advanced Performance Monitoring

We use advanced monitoring to ensure that all your network’s devices are healthy and are also functioning optimally.

System Updates

We will ensure that your PC’s and Windows servers are equipped with the latest security and system patches that will help you in minimizing the risks and optimizing the performance.

Proactive Security Approach

We use a proactive approach to security and monitor your network consistently to identify suspicious network activities. Business ICT Partners is also ISO 27001 certified for Information Security Management Systems (ISMS).

Enterprise-grade Tool-sets

We use Microsoft System Centre Configuration Manager, along with the 1E Nomad for a localized SOP and app distribution.

Ongoing Assessments

Business ICT Partners has years of experience in managing the entire IT and communication environment. We work with a wide range of organizations to offer our clients the best strategic support.


The technical experts will help you solve all your end-users issues from any time, anywhere quickly.


We ensure the proactive security of your IT system; we identify the system vulnerabilities by performing weekly unauthenticated scans for identifying the system, application and network vulnerabilities.

Industry Experience

Business ICT Partners has over 10 + years of experience of being a leading managed service provider in Australia. We have a strong reputation for delivering quality solutions that support business objectives and increase organizational productivity.