Cloud Essentials

Cloud essentials is Business ICT Partners cloud-based product for small businesses, who just want a simple and reliable solution for their IT needs. If you run a small business, cloud essentials gives you a straightforward and affordable way to manage your IT.
  • Are you tired of wondering whether your emails and data are safe from viruses and hackers?
  • Do you sometimes forget to back up your data? And always at the worst possible time?
  • Do you feel like you should know more about your IT, but just don’t have time to find out?
  • Are you spending too much on your IT support because things just aren’t set up properly for you?
  • Are you frustrated by having to update your software all the time?
  • Would you like to be able to work anywhere in the world, easily?

What You Get with Cloud Essentials:

Cloud essentials provides you with the following software, and a small server.

  • Cloud storage
  • Data backup
  • Security
  • Anti-virus
  • Support via remote access
  • Office 365
  • Email hosting
  • Web hosting
  • Monitoring
  • A managed server for your office

Pricing for cloud essentials

For five people, cloud essentials is just $495.00 (ex GST) per month.
If you have more than five people, please contact us to find out about pricing.

Why cloud essentials will work for you…

  • Cloud essentials gives small businesses a great solution for your basic IT needs, which saves you money and headaches. And you only have to call one company if you do need help.
  • Access your data from anywhere on Earth (as long as there is an internet connection!) with cloud essentials. It just works. Work at the office. Work at home. Work at your favourite café.
  • Cloud essentials saves you money because you don’t have to buy a big server to store all your data. And you won’t have server down time.

You will automatically get the latest version of the software, including the MS Office suite and email, security and back-up software.

You will sleep more soundly knowing that all your data is backed-up automatically.
And you won’t have to worry about security on your computers; that’s included too.

Cloud essentials provides cloud-based IT solutions, with everything you need to get your business up and running, without a big price tag.