Hyper Convergence Technology

What is Hyperconverged Infrastructure?

Hyperconvergence is a form of IT framework that integrates networking, computing, and storage in one system to reduce the complexity of data centres and increase the scalability.

A hyperconverged infrastructure allows businesses to save up to 90% capacity on storage and backups. Hyperconvergence is a new way of cost reduction.

Why Hybrid IT is important for your business?

  • A hybrid IT network supports the unique business requirements and diverse workloads, keeping some applications on the Cloud and other on-premise.

  • 90% of the organizations by 2020 will adopt Hybrid IT infrastructure, causing a shrink in demand for traditional datacenter outsourcing by $55.1 billion (2016) to $45.2 billion (2020).

  • The spending on hosting and collocation is expected to increase from 53.9 billion (2016) to $74.5 billion (2020).

  • Storage as a service will witness an increase from $1.7 billion (2016) to 2.7 billion (2020).

  • HCI vendors help businesses in cost savings in the areas such as data centre space and power, licensed software and IT labour etc.

Challenges of Managing a Hybrid IT Environment

The hybrid IT environment is difficult to manage and may not offer a high level of security along with ensuring the business compliance needs. Retrieving data on the IT hybrid environment is a complex task and putting an effective data recovery system is also difficult.

Hyper-convergence Technology advantage

A hybrid IT can be customized according to the specific business needs. The existing infrastructure, including the storage and applications, needs to be replaced when implementing a Hybrid IT environment.

Business ICT Partners is uniquely positioned to help you leverage the potential and power of hyper-convergence.

When you move your infrastructure to hypeconveregence you will get the benefits:

  • Lower costs

  • Greater efficiency

  • Better productivity

  • Maximized infrastructure ROI

Why Business ICT Partners?

Multi-Cloud Capabilities

We offer a modern platform for infrastructure management and governance using the latest cloud system management services.

Certified Solutions

We will offer you the certified solutions from the leading vendors of the industry that will deliver the best performance.

Vendor Agnostic

We select the products for client’s security based on their requirements and not on the vendors we are associated with.

24/7 Support

We offer continuous support to help you resolve the hyper-converged infrastructure issues that may hinder your business performance.

Your technology partners

Business ICT Partners offers an extensive range of IT services and solutions that will support your business objectives. Our solutions will help you bringing down your costs, improving efficiency and bringing new clients.

Consistent performance

We deliver consistently high performance from edge to core and help you improve your business efficiency and performance.

Customer First

We will offer customised solutions that suit your business needs. This includes areas such as service management, service levels, and the amount of on-site and off-site support.

Ongoing Assessments

We ensure the complete security of your network and systems through on-going assessments and round –the –clock.