The ISDN Shutdown 2019: Impact and Solutions Unveiled
8th September

The ISDN Shutdown 2019: Impact and Solutions Unveiled By businessict

With the ISDN shutdown finally round the corner, the unrest has doubled in the industry. Rumors are spreading like wildfire, debates are on, and DIY solutions are coming from all corners of the world.

So if your business is also ISDN dependent, then you got to think really fast. The clock is ticking. From September 30, 2019, our businesses will have to look for other alternatives. Although the complete shutdown is slated to take place in 2025 (as per the statement made by BT), there is no confirmation on it yet. It is better to change now than repent later.

We try to understand the challenges businesses will have to overcome after the shutdown. Here we go:

1. Loss of business data

The first impact of the ISDN shutdown will have on business data. Organizations not acting on time may lose their important data because ISDN does not have a backup feature.

2. Operations breakdown

All existing businesses are on ISDN. And its abrupt shutdown is a matter of grave concern. Organizations on ISDN after September 30, 2019 will not able to share, communicate, and do a lot of other important daily business activities. Total operations breakdown it is.

3. Complete business telecommunication failure

Can you survive a single day at work without phone lines?

Telecommunication is one of the most important pillars on which an organization stands strong. If it is down, the empire will lick the ground. Video conferences with offshore clients, employees, and companies won’t just happen. No telecommunication at all. Imagine the loss your business will have to bear.

4. No services to clients and customers

Businesses on ISDN will face complete breakdown after September 30, 2019. The organizations which are providing services to their clients and customers will not able to do so from then on. Companies will lose their customers and incur huge losses.

5. Complete sweep off

If businesses do not act now, the ISDN shutdown will break their backbone. Other companies on ISDN have already started looking for solutions. They are preparing to deal with the situation. Any business not acting now will be swept off the competition even if they try to take the ground later.

So there’s so much loss for businesses on ISDN today after September 30, 2019. It is time to prepare for the situation and find best alternatives to keep your business operations running smooth and efficiently.

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