A Guide to Prepare for the ISDN Shutdown 2019 and Migrate to New Technologies
22nd September

A Guide to Prepare for the ISDN Shutdown 2019 and Migrate to New Technologies By businessict

As the ISDN shutdown deadline is coming closer, the growing unrest among businesses in Australia can be felt. Businesses will now have to look for alternatives to keep their operations running effectively.
We bring you a quick guide to prepare for the shutdown and switch to new technologies successfully. Here we go:

Analyze Business Infrastructure

First step to prepare for the shutdown is to adopt new technologies such as VoIP and SIP. Start reviewing your entire business infrastructure to understand its every important aspect. This will help you ensure which new technology will better fulfill your business goals. Remember, migrating to new technology without taking your business goals into account can lead to risks of losses.

Create a Robust Migration Plan

Taking your entire business infrastructure to a new technology is a complicated process. You must have a robust plan for the migration. Review all your options carefully including costs before you make the final move. Try to understand how much time the entire process will take.

Select Network Provider

New alternatives to ISDN offer a wide range of benefits to businesses. However, make sure that you choose a reputed network provider who can implement these technologies effectively. Your network provider should be able to port all your data to a new platform without causing any problem to your business operations. They should be able to guarantee the delivery of secure and reliable services for your staff and customers.

Outsource ISDN Migration

ISDN migration is a complicated and, thus, time consuming process. Assigning your entire internal IT team to deal with this is simply a waste of time. It has many risks too. So it is better to leave this job on experts. Your team will instead focus on achieving your company goals.

Major Benefits of the ISDN Shutdown

  • The ISDN shutdown will take businesses to new technologies, which are empowered by the cloud. So they are more secure and reliable.
  • New technologies such as VoIP and SIP are loaded with a wide range of features that will contribute immensely to your business growth.
  • ISDN alternatives are cost-effective.
  • These new technologies are easy to setup.
  • ISDN alternatives are versatile and provide global access.
  • New technologies after the ISDN shutdown offer better telecommunication quality.
  • To Usher a Telecom Revolution in Your Business