BUS ICT focuses on establishing a service level agreement (SLA) precisely designed to suit your business needs. We emphasize on creating an environment that focuses on delivering results today and keep on optimizing outcomes for the future. Managed Print Services focus on the whole ecosystem of the print process and help in optimizing the workflow of any business.

Manage & optimize your daily business print activities with Bus ICT MPS

As an experienced Australian technology and services provider, BUS ICT is aware of your printing requirements and the potential to upgrade your business into an adaptive workplace built for the future. Data security risk and compliance issues have been one of the major problems with the printing process.

Managed Print Services focus on the whole ecosystem of the print process and help in optimizing the workflow of any business. We have been regularly refining our processes over time with the knowledge and experience we have gained from years of providing customer service outcomes to our clients.

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Manage costs effectively

MPS solutions help businesses reduce cost savings significantly along with reducing the Total Cost of Ownership, costs of consumables, and lower any service and maintenance expenses of the print devices. MPS providers will propose customized solutions as per your business’ vision and growth and give brief ideations on your printing costs.

Optimize the use of resources

Organizations across the globe use their IT departments to support their printing activities, which in fact, takes 15% of their overall operational time. With BUS ICT MPS as your printing partner, you save your IT department’s time and let them stay concentrated on their core activities.

Enhance work productivity

BUS ICT runs a number of preventative measures and strategies along with initiating an automated restocking process that ensures your staff is operating undisturbed. The review process we provide makes it certain that the services are easily scaled as per your business’ needs.

Eco-friendly printing

Manage Printing Services aims to decrease your work impact on environment by reducing the carbon foot-print of your business. Motivate your work staff to become more aware about sustaining the limited resources of our environment and reduce paper usage.

Why BUS ICT Managed Print Services?

BUS ICT takes a comprehensive approach to manage the latest printing and imaging tools, technologies, infrastructure, and processes that assist your business to enhance productivity, simplify management, and reduce costs for your entire end-user environment. We enhance your data protection while minimizing your work impact on the environment and shelter all aspects of your global imaging and printing environment. We offer end-to-end solutions and services, with PCs, printers, and more.


Expert Advice

The specialists at BUS ICT MPS ensure that your managed print activities are optimized to their best and are always available at your request.

Single contact-point of contact

BUS ICT MPS is a multi-award-winning team that doesn’t require multiple contact points. We have a single point of contact for all your queries regarding our managed print Service.

Instant Monitoring

Our precise monitoring tools enable us to get alerts on any minor or major changes like low toner levels and machine maintenance error codes happening to the MPS deployed hardware we provide.

Analytical Reports

Our pro-active monitoring platform notes down the usage of devices on time. Bus ICT MPS utilizes these analytics to create suggestions on improving service agreement.


MPS has consumables like printer drum cartridges and toners that will be sent to the individual automatically by the team once your existing consumable has reached the amount less than 25%.

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