Is Your Network Really Secure? Think Again!
29th January

Is Your Network Really Secure? Think Again! By businessict

IT continues to evolve, bringing with it, unprecedented change. End devices can access the network at a speed that most security teams and most advanced network security systems can’t keep up.

As your organization accelerates, you need to stay ahead of more collaborative cybercriminals who have more resources at their disposal than ever.  To achieve this outcome, every business needs to comprehend the key aspects of Network Security System.

What does by Network Security System mean?

The practice of protecting an organization’s network and data from unauthorized intrusion is called network security.

  • This practice includes installing robust, up-to-date security appliance that has customized rules and configuration.
  • Network security guards both software and hardware systems of an organization from a variety of threats such as data breaches, data destruction, phishing, malware, and ransomware among others.
  • It prevents threats from spreading on your network.

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How Does Network Security Systems Work?

Authentication and authorization are the two main components of an effective network security system. Authentication verifies users before allowing them access to the network while authorization determines the level of access to be provided to the user.

Types of Network Security

There are different types of network security systems that businesses can deploy to protect against modern cyberattacks. Some of them are:

Access control

One of the most used network security systems is network access control (NAC), which blocking noncompliant endpoint devices and gives them limited access.

Antivirus and antimalware software

These types of network security systems scan malware not only upon their entry but also track them continuously even afterward to spot anomalies, remove malware, and fix damages.

Application security

Application security is comprised of processes to plug security holes and vulnerabilities.

Behavioral analytics

These security tools recognize abnormal activities quickly allowing your security teams to better identify indicators of compromise and fix the damage immediately.

Cloud security

Organizations are moving to the cloud for cost savings, flexibility, and scalability, thereby making cloud security an essential part of their network security system today.

Email security

It blocks incoming attacks as well as outgoing messages to prevent loss of important data.

So, how can your organization minimize risk without slowing down your business?

Sophos Firewall is your first line of defense against known and unknown Internet security threats and controlling data to the internet. Sophos firewalls can provide unprecedented visibility to your network, users, and applications directly from the control center.

Network Security Benefits Offered by Sophos

  1. Optimized two-clicks-to-anywhere navigation.
  2. Purpose-built user interface with an interactive control center.
  3. New unified policy model.
  4. Policy Control Center Widget.
  5. Streamline firewall rule management.
  6. Predefined IPS, Web, App, and Traffic Shaping policies.
  7. Policy templates.
  8. Sophos Security Heartbeat connecting Sophos endpoints.
  9. Dynamic firewall rule support for endpoint health.
  10. Synchronized Application Control.
  11. Cloud Application visibility.
  12. Discover Mode.
  13. Application Risk Meter.
  14. Central Management.

How Sophos Business ICT help?

Business ICT Partners has been working with Endpoint security and Mobile Security products for over 10 years.  We offer a range of solutions that are available for consumption on site, managed or through the cloud.

We have proven abilities in this space delivered by our highly trained and experienced engineers. Being Sophos Platinum partner, we are known to help organizations install and manage complex deployment.

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