Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between a vulnerability assessment and a pentest?

There is a lot of confusion here with most companies out there selling vulnerability assessments as a pentest. A vulnerability assessment in summary is a snapshot of your current security status showing open ports and vulnerabilities in applications that can be exploited. A pentest should only be conducted once you believe your network or assets are secure after vigorous testing with vulnerability assessments and hardening. A pentest is the actual exploit of your asset, be an application or database as an example. A vulnerability assessment will provide you with a report showing what your current state and known vulnerabilities are. A pentest will provide you with a copy of your client database as an example.

What is the difference between a vulnerability assessment and Live vulnerability management?

Vulnerability Assessment is a snapshot in time, the day after it is outdated. Vulnerability management with our agent is live monitoring which provides a constantly updating assessment of your security.

Do you provide discounts for large deployments?

Yes, we do, with larger networks there are savings for us and we pass those on. So please contact us with your requirements.

It’s just doesn’t make sense to me, why should I bother?

That’s what were here for. We know that you may not understand the information provided, that’s why we let you know what’s important and what isn’t and how to fix each vulnerability.

So why don’t you fix the issue on our assets?

In most cases, you will already have someone who looks after your computer, server or other devices and is familiar with your environment and in a better position to apply fixes. If you don’t, just contact us and let us know and we will have a trusted partner assist you.

Do I still need antivirus and a firewall if I have Damocles Security Live Vulnerability Management?

Yes, you do. We are here to enhance your security and let you know about vulnerabilities you may be exposed to. Anti-virus and firewalls are extremely important and should always be used.

I’ve got a firewall and antivirus program already, why do I need Damocles Security Live Vulnerability Management?

We get asked this question a lot, the 2 whilst they sound similar are far different and actually work together to enhance your security and reduce risk. Clients who have this already are shocked when they see how many vulnerabilities are still present on their PC or server despite having what they believed to be the best antivirus program on the market. Whilst some of the programs hand pick a vulnerability to say “you were safe from this with us”, your to still opened to others that they just don’t have exposure to. Virus taken advantage of vulnerabilities in your environment, remove the vulnerability and you remove your expose to that attack, this is common for WannaCry and Petya Ransomware attacks.

So who uses Damocles Security Live Vulnerability Management in general?

As an example, most large financial organizations are required for compliance to do this, others are required to have annual checks done. We believe everyone has the right to be protected so we have developed our service to cater to those who simply don’t have the budget to do this or don’t have the skill set, by offering enterprise-level products and services to everyone. Why is a small café less important than the large insurance company? The small café is generally the owner’s money at risk with ransomware for example, whilst a large insurance company is someone’s else’s money. Both are important and now both can be protected.

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    Sophos Mobile will allow you to manage and secure your mobile endpoints with minimal time and effort involved. This solution will improve your user's productivity along with providing you with a peace of mind.

    Sophos Mobile will protect and secure your devices and data using the capabilities, including the market-leading encryption, containers along with the ransomware and antivirus protection.

    Sophos Central is a platform that offers full Unified Endpoints management capabilities on the same console for all the Sophos security products.

    Sophos Mobile will allow you to configure and manage Office 365 on your mobile devices. A single console will help your admins simplifying their tasks and save their time.

    Utilizing the Extreme DPI engine, Xstream, Network Flow FastPath and TSL inspection, the Xstream Next-Gen offers you get complete visibility, protection and performance.

    XG Firewall solution offers the best Unified Threat Management (UTM) protection, including the mails, reporting and the web application firewall. Sophos Central and XC Firewall work together and make day-to-day activities management easier. It also includes the on-box reporting options (cloud-based) for which other vendors charge you extra.

    Sophos XG Firewall, along with SD-RED, allows enterprises and businesses to connect across your geographically-distributed network. The firewalls offer an advantage of less –expensive internet connection options including, 3G/4G/LTE, DSL, and cable.

    XG Firewall and Intercept X integrate and continue to help you know about the active threats present in the network. The Security Heartbeat™ instantly notifies the network health at a glance.

    Sophos E-mail security solution automatically scans the e-mail body along with the attachments to identify the sensitive data and establishes the policies to encrypt the message instantly. The Sophos Secure Messaging Portal will allow you to receive and send the attachments securely.

    The Sophos Central is integrated into the Sophos E-mail security that manages all the Sophos products from a single console. This helps organizations to respond to threats faster. In addition, this enterprise-grade e-mail – security solution also includes cybersecurity awareness training.

    Sophos Synchronized Security will connect all the Sophos endpoints and automatically detects and clean the infested systems that send spam and malware.

    Sophos Email-security can help organizations protect against the advanced data breaches and threats using the Sophos E-mail data loss prevention and content control. This e-mail security can also protect sensitive information, including the financials, health information etc. in the e-mails.