Everything you Need to Know about Sophos Email Security
3rd June

Everything you Need to Know about Sophos Email Security By businessict

With digitization, everyone has a personal email ID with their financial records, assets, images, social media profiles, and several other important documents saved online. And, securing this email from all-round online threats can be a huge challenge. In this age of increasing cybercrime, email security is of paramount importance. Sophos Email Security is a modern AI-based dedicated solution for all kinds of email-related attacks. Packed with incredible features, Sophos has now become a trusted and reliable security tool.

Here are some interesting facts you should know about Sophos email security solutions:

  • Sophos email security meticulously uses a deep learning neural network to predict and thwart zero-day malware or any unnecessary applications in your system.
  • Anti-ransomware technology: Sophos also boasts of the most sophisticated anti-ransomware technology today by using their behaviour analysis to stop all never seen ransomware as well as boot-record attacks to prevent any data loss.
  • Link protection: Sophos email solutions are also packed with time-of-click URL protection that tracks and identifies the website reputation of all email links even before they are delivered to your inbox. And,any link which is clicked on further is also protected with pro-active stealth attacks or any delayed intervention that most of the other email security systems will often miss.
  • Stay away from malware and spam activities: SophosLab's global network, with its threat intelligence capabilities, is always updated with hundreds and thousands of threats uncovered every hour as it goes on and on to process millions of emails every second.
  • IP filtering can stop almost 90% of spam activities.
  • Antivirus and anti-spam manage the rest of the threats.
  • With advanced detection methodologies, email filtering safeguards threats from multiple languages too.
  • Keep the imposters away: With Sophos email protection, you can trust all connections with 100% reliability.
  • Utilizes DKIM, SPF, and DMARC authentication techniques to segregate attacks from lookalike domains, display names, and other email header anomalies.
  • Thwart all fraudulent email addresses impersonating any trusted contact.
  • Unusual messages are blocked directly or pre-quarantined or sometimes come with warning tags or a red banner attached to a specific user-level block list.
  • Compare and match the vulnerable inbound emails to all abused cloud services from top brands and CEOs, to keep a stringent check on emails.

A centralized security portal

Sophos Email is connected with Sophos Central for tracking all threats on a single cloud-based console. And, with Sophos Central, admins can create a comprehensive line of defense from all email-borne threats that result in quicker, smarter, and predictive responses. So, basically, this acts as a standalone point for managing email security, awareness, training, and complete end-to-end protection for your system.

Sophos has an in-built ability to detect compromised mailboxes within an organization, thus helping them to secure their business goodwill to avoid any phishing emails and spam from their server.

Email Security

Sophos targets and identifies users with their risk behavior patterns to enhance its awareness and lowers any chance of intrusion from the overall system.

  • Email encryption: Sophos 0365 add-in empowers all users to encrypt emails, scan message bodies and attachments to preserve the sensitive data with just a few simple clicks.
  • Maintaining TLS encryption throughout the message transition.
  • Separate push-based encryption for keeping attachments safe or even securing the whole email.
  • Improves messaging within an organization with the use of custom tags.
  • Comes packed with a Sophos secure messaging portal for communicating and sending attachments as well.

Sophos also seamlessly connects with almost all email providers with Google G Suite, Microsoft Office 365, or any custom domain with DNS records to offer you an unmatchable experience.

Moreover, you can integrate email security solutions on the cloud or premises. Sophos Email Appliance is available as a dedicated software with comprehensive encryption, Data Loss Protection (DLP), anti-spam, packed with impeccable threat protection. Especially cloud email security is a must for medium, large and corporate organizations to safeguard their internal mailing network from any external influence.

Email Security


Data protection nowadays is one of the primary needs for individuals and businesses.

Sophos email protection services undoubtedly offer a comprehensive path for keeping all your personal information protected in a secure environment. Comprehensive features such as blocking stealth attacks, phishing imposters, and automated response to cyber threats make it a suitable choice for enjoying digital life without any stress.

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