Covid-19: Our Commitment To You
26th March

Covid-19: Our Commitment To You By businessict

Given the global situation regarding COVID-19, we would like to let you know that we are “Open for Business” . We, as an organisation, are committed to providing you, our valued customers and clients with the outstanding level of service that we are renowned for.

Team safety and customer service are our highest priorities in this fast-evolving crisis. Fortunately, we're in a position where we can take these extra precautions without interrupting our “ability to serve our customers”. We also stand ready to help others in our community who may need advice or assistance in setting up arrangements for working remotely.

BUS ICT support a number of solutions and features that can help businesses transition to remote working. Following is the list of remote working solutions that can enable your staff to stay connected when working remotely

Desk Phone
For employees that love their desk phone, some PBX can support VPN connections. This allows an employee to take a compatible desk phone home, plug it in to their home router and have it work just like it does in the office. Employees do not require any additional training or headsets and all applications that control the phone will continue to work.
Soft Phone
For employees that need full telephone functionality and want to work from their PC (Laptop) without the needing a physical phone softphones are the way to go. Just connect up a USB or Bluetooth headset and employees are ready to make and receive calls. The softphones works just like desk phones with virtually no loss in functionality. In some cases, third party softphones can also be used with a reduced functionality.
End Point Protection
To ensure network and voice system safety, it is mandatory that a VPN or Session Border Controller is installed and correctly configured. This is to protect a company’s voice and data networks from toll fraud, hacking and abuse. Some scenarios will also require the use of a VPN to route traffic (securely and safely) from the employee’s laptop or phone to the phone system.
Collaboration Tools
While working remotely it is important that staff feel as connected as if they were in the office. There are number of tools like Microsoft Teams that are critical to ensuring employees can be productive, collaborative and maintain a sense of community while working remotely. With ever-improving new capabilities, virtual meetings will make staff more inclusive.
Mobile Extension
For employees that need to make and receive calls but don’t need a lot of additional functionality, a mobile client is the answer. Most PBX now offer mobile client that can be installed on almost all iPhones and Android phones. It will connect to the phone system over the internet and presents the user an intuitive, easy to use interface with complete access to their smart phones contacts for incoming calls and making calls.
Wireless Connectivity
If you cannot get ADSL broadband at home, but want to have a home office set up , your next best option (before resigning to satellite broadband) is to get a Mobile Wireless broadband gateway modem. Mobile wireless gateway modems are also a good option for people who live on a short lease and don’t want a long fixed line contract but need access to high speed connectivity for business purposes.

We encourage any customer that needs help to contact us so we can work with you to help mitigate the impacts of COVID-19 on your business.

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