Cloud Storage: A Boon for Healthcare Industry
6th September

Cloud Storage: A Boon for Healthcare Industry By businessict

Healthcare industry deals with enormous data of patients daily. It contains their personal information, health reports, and medical history among other important things. Managing this huge data is a herculean task due to its diversity and privacy threats. This is why healthcare organizations have embraced cloud computing services.

It is scalable, cost-efficient, and secure.

The partnership between Microsoft and Walgreens (the world’s second largest pharmacy chain in the U.S) in January this year suggests that there is mutual interest in the industry to take healthcare to the cloud.

Cloud networks offer plenty of benefits to healthcare industry. Some of them are:

Data storage

Cloud networks allow healthcare industries to store their huge data on some remote servers—thereby reducing costs.


One of the best advantages of having data on the cloud is that a healthcare company can increase or decrease it according to its requirements.


A healthcare company can share its important data with its partners easily and effectively.


Handling healthcare data without cloud networks manually will mean handling it with manpower, which, we know, can be very expensive.


With cloud networks, a healthcare organization can manage its huge data very efficiently. You search files, reports, and medical history of any patient in a matter of few seconds.


HIPAA is a law created to protect the privacy of sensitive patient information. The law covers the healthcare plans and healthcare service providers among others.

A healthcare organization planning to go to the cloud should only trust reliable and sustainable service providers. They can offer the following benefits:

  • Access to your data anytime and from any part of the world
  • Help migrate your entire healthcare infrastructure to the cloud
  • Boost growth
  • Cloud readiness assessment
  • Cloud backup and disaster recovery
  • Services managed by reputed cloud servers
  • Flexibility
  • And a perfect gateway

Cloud service is proving to be an important pillar of our entire healthcare ecosystem. Ensure to choose a cloud provider that guarantees security of medical data as well as permits sharing of proprietary data resources. With at least these two features in place, healthcare data management will feel like a walk in the sky.

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