Can 5G Help Make it Easier to Work from Home?
26th August

Can 5G Help Make it Easier to Work from Home? By businessict

5G, the current generation of mobile connectivity standards is the best till date. Its speed and quality of network is unmatched if compared to the previous generation such as 4G or 3G. Given the equally fast speed in both uploading and downloading operations, 5G can dramatically improve the quality of work in a remote working scenario. In Australia, there’s been many discussions about extending 5G services to rural and remote areas that suffer from low connectivity. Such a service can attract others to live and work in those areas and also encourage businesses to expand.

Not that the situation is any worse in the urban areas, but despite having a theoretically fair speed in the cities, connectivity can be quite a challenge sometimes. Issues such as Wi-Fi congestion and broadband quality often pose a question to the reliability of broadband connections. And users living in a Wi-Fi and router-dense environment also frequently complain about the quality of their internet. These are some issues that call for a 5G cellular connection as a primary mode of communication. The network can then be extended over a dedicated piece of hotspot or Wi-Fi router for enhanced accessibility.

Benefits of a5G Business Mobile Plan for Work from Home

Just to elaborate the benefits that an extremely fast network connection can provide, a 5G mobile business plan for a work from scenario can deliver other benefits as well. Take a look at some of the benefits of using a 5G business plan for remote working.

  1. High-Speed Remote Work
    5G mobile business plans allow employees to virtually work from almost anywhere. This creates an encouraging remote working space where both the business and employees are benefitted. Employees can use advanced means of communication that run on high-speed network. Even sharing large files with other collaborators becomes easy, and not to mention the flexibility that comes with such high-quality networks.

    Having an always-on mobile connection means that you never have to worry about being disconnected. Once you get used to such high-speed, freedom and secure network where you don’t have to worry about entering the Wi-Fi password, it becomes hard to go back.

  2. Higher Device Capacity and Spectrum Band
    A standard 4G network can only handle a limited number of devices and data transmission due to a restricted spectrum band. However, on the contrary, a 5G network can handle up to a million devices in one square kilometre area that’ll allow organisations to support a comparatively large number of devices being more radio frequencies available for use.Similarly, when implemented in a work from home scenario, a 5G device such as a Hotpot can also support a relatively large number of devices through Wi-Fi such as printers, FAX machines, computers, mobile phones, etc.
  3. A 5G Business Plan as a Backup
    Since our personal, professional and educational lives have become online, you can use a 5G network as a second way of going online. Although the whole COVID-19 situation will be normalised in some time, certain changes that people have made in their lifestyle are going to stay. People having a 5G business plan as an insurance can make use of it in almost every other scenario. Whether it is about connecting multiple devices to the network or setting up multiple work stations in your home, a 5G mobile business plan can be of great utility.

Telstra 5G Plan

Despite the talks about extending 5G services in the country, an established Australian telecommunication services provider, Telstra, has already started providing its 5G services that can be put to good use if utilised in a remote working scenario. Telstra’s 5G hotspot plan is one of the few platforms that facilitate 5G network for home and business use. The device can support up to a maximum of 30 devices through Wi-Fi; 15 on 2.4 Ghz frequency and the other 15 on a 5Ghz frequency. The 5G plan offered by Telstra is quite flexible as well. Users can change the plan as per their business and household needs. In addition, the plans also offer unlimited uploads to the Cloud so that users can backup and share much as data as they want.

Conclusion : With today’s changing world, only a few months has pushed the people across the globe to change their lifestyles and work culture. A few might say that they don’t need a 5G mobile connection as they are quite happy with their existing mobile and broadband plans, but as needs of the people grow (as they are currently), they’ll need connections that are more stable, fast and of course favourable to the changing work-related needs. And in the current global landscape, 5G seems the right solution for growing internet and data-related needs.

Telstra’s 5G business plans are quite flexible in nature as they allow you to change your plan with your changing needs. And not to mention the‘no data-limit’ feature, meaning; you can keep your business online and your operations on the go even if you exceed your monthly data limit without any extra charges. In addition, you get to share the data allowance on other services if you’ve opted for any, on the same account. All in all, a perfect solution to your dynamic high-speed connectivity needs.

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